Senior College Students Can Participate in N.S.S. There are 150 boys ,100 girls vacancies for N.S.S. While from junior College 100 Students Can be Selected for The  Programme . The Committee Selects The Students Through interviews who are interested in National and Welfare Activities .

NUSSD (National University for Students Skill Development) Programme implemented for Selected NSS Students. Tata institute of Social Sciences and Prime Minister Office implementing this Development for Three Year on Pilot basis


N.C.C. Facility is Provided for Senior College Students . in This 54 Students Are Recruited . The Focus of This Programme is on Creation of Disciplined and Cultured Citizens. Students Can Actively Participate in the Campus which build up the feelings of National Unity, Leadership Quality. Training, Rock Climbing, Paragliding,Parasailing, Games or Sports,Republic day, Army Attachment etc. Activities are included.

by passing Examination of N.C.C.-"c" Certificate, Qualifying "A" and "B" Grade The Cadet is eligible for S.S.B. Interviews..