Department Computer Science
Senior Department
Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Dr. Savita Lothe M.Sc.,M.Phil ,Ph.D. Assisstant Professor & head Profile
2. Mr.Santosh Vishwakarma M.Sc.(Comp.Sci.) Assisstant Professor Profile
3. Mr.Ajay Rajhans M.C.A.(Engg.) Assisstant Professor Profile
4. Mr.Rohan Gajre M.C.A.(Mgmt.) Assisstant Professor Profile
5 Mrs.Sujata Shirsath B.E.(Comp.) Assisstant Professor Profile
6. Mr.Vinod Chavan M.C.A.(Mgmt.) Assisstant Professor Profile
Junior Department
Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Mr. R.R.Jadhav M.C.M.,M.COM Assisstant Teacher & Head Profile
2. Mrs. Jayashri Ghorpade Msc(Comp.Science) Assisstant Teacher Profile
3. Mr.Santosh Kulkarni D.E.R.E. Assisstant Teacher Profile
Sr. Cource Intake
1. B.Sc(Comp.Science) B.C.S-first Year 60
2. B.Sc(Comp.Science) B.C.S-Second Year 60
3. B.Sc(Comp.Science) B.C.S-Third Year 60
1. Experienced Staff Encouraging Student to build his Great Career
1. A Well Facilitated  Lab with Modern Scientific Appratus Providing Students with Scientific Approach