Department of Management Science
Senior Department
Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Mr. R.R.Jadhav M.C.M.,M.COM Assisstant Professor & Head Profile
2. Dr. Savita Lothe M.Sc.,M.Phil Assisstant Professor Profile
3. Mr.Santosh vishwakarma M.Sc.(Comp.Science) Assisstant Professor Profile
4.  Ms.Sheetal Khune M.B.A. Assisstant Professor Profile
5. mrs. Shital Upadhye M.B.A. Assisstant Professor Profile
Sr. Cources Intake
1. B.C.A. -First Year 60
2. B.C.A. -Second Year 60
3. B.C.A. -Third Year 60
1. Experienced Staff Encouraging Student to build his Great Career
1. A Well Facilitated  Lab with Modern Scientific Appratus Providing Students with Scientific Approach