Semester I
Paper Title
cH 101 Inorganic Chemistry
CH 102 Organic Chemistry
CH 103 Physical Chemistry
CH 104 Basic Concept of Analytical Chemistry,Separation techniques and application of Computer in Chemistry
Semester II
cH 101 inorganic Chemistry
cH 101 Organic Chemistry
cH 101 Physical Chemistry
cH 101 Spectroscopy,diffraction and thermal metods of analysis.
CH(PR) 209 Inorganic Chemistry Practicals
CH(PR) 210 Organic Chemistry Practicals
CH(PR) 211 Physical Chemistry Practicals
Semester III
CHO 312 Application of Spectroscopy
CHO 313 Pericyclic Reaction ,Photo Chemistry and Free Radical Reaction
CHO 314 Organic Synthesis
CHO 315 Bio Organic and Green Chemistry Organic Synthesis
Semester IV
CHO 416 retrosynthesis and Designing of organic Synthesis
CHO 417 Chemistry of Heterocycles and Organic Polymers
CHO 418 Medical Chemistry
CHO 419 Chemistry of Natural Products
CHO(PR)422 organic Qualiative Analysis
CHO(PR)423 Organic Preparation
CHO(PR)424 Project Work & Spectral Aanalysis