Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)
Nov.2017 To Oct.2022

SR. Faculty Name Designation Responsibilities
1. Dr.J.J.Chamargore  Coordinator  
2. Dr. D.K.Darade Member Incharge-Curriculum Aspect
3. Dr.S.Ankaram Member Incharge-Teaching,Learning& evaluation
4. Dr.N.K.Jokare Member Incharge-Research,Consultancy& Extension
5. Dr.V.M.Kamble Member Incharge-Infrastructure& Learning Resources
6. Mr.H.M.Wankar Member Incharge - student Support& Progression
7. Mr.A.R.Jamkar Member Incharge-Governance,Leadership& Management
8. Dt.K.T.Mahajan Member Incharge-Institutional Values& Best Practices

1.Committe should meet fortnightly to discuss development policies and issues

2.AQAR Should be Submitted before 30th Sept.every year

3.Organization of Curricular,Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities should be planned and approved by IQAC

4.Monitoring of the Functioning of various internal committees

5.Application of Academic activities of the faculty like attending orientation ,refresher,short term courses.etc should be forwarded through IQAC

6.Application of Research activities of the faculty like attending and organizing conferences/workshop etc,submission of projects should be forwarded through IQAC

7.Copy of every publication by the faculty should be submitted to IQAC

8.Monthly meeting of the IQAC With the Principal to share all the monthly reports of every criterion.

9.Bi-monthly meeting with staff members for recommendation/suggestions for curricular,cocurricular and extra curricular activities.

10.internal academic audit at the end of first semester(orgnization committee)

11.academic audit by external committee at the end of second semester (organization of committee)

12.Administrative Audit by internal committee(organization of committee)

13.organization of workshop for teachers and non teaching staff

14. Motivating teachers for maximum use of Ict

15.Reuvenation of remedial and competitive exam classes

17.Motivating student for the maximum utilization of “knowlwdge katta”

18. organizing power point presentation research project and seminars competition stc.for the student

19.organizing parent-teacher meeting for newly admitted student at the beginning of the academic year

20.maintaining regidter of the meeting minutes

21.maintenance of proper documentation