Boys Hostel
  • Limited Seats are Available in the Colllge hostel. Students Will be Admitted on the basis of merit and reservation policy.Meritorious Students Will be Admitted at Concessional Ratese
  • Application Forms for The Admission to Hostel Will be Provided Only After The Admission Is Confirmed.
  • Admission will be finalized by the hostel committee. Fees will not be Refunded
  • .
  • Student should apply within the stipulated date.
  • Cleanliness in the hostel should be maintained as per the prescribed rules.
  • Misconduct and violation of rules will lead to cancellation of admission to create educational ambience in the hostel, following amendments are made for admission to the hostel.
  • Registration and admission fees Rs.250/-
  • Registration and admission fees Rs.250/-
  • Term fees (Each term) Rs. 2000/- (for non-Aided Courses)
  • Service and administrative fees (each term) Rs. 500/-
  • Deposit Rs. 250/-
  • Admission will be finalized only after interview.
  • Independent rector and a peon will be arranged to maintain discipline.
  • In case of damage/ breakage of hostel property, amount will be recovered from the deposit. Mess facility is not available in the hostel.
  • Cooking is not allowed in the hostel rooms.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory for the student in the hostel.
  • Desirous students should seek admission upto 15th Aug.2014.
  • For detail contact:- 1] Prof. Shivcharan Giri – 9423525773
  • 2] Vivekanand Thormote – 9423393115
    Girls Hostel

             Girls hostel with all modern amenities will be provided to girls students subject to condition that atleast 30 girls student seek admission to the hostel during this academic year. The fee for hostel accommodation with mess charges will be as follows-