The Research and academic activities of the faculty members gives an opportunity to the students to tailor their degree of their own interest and career aspiration

Research potential of the faculty which demonstrate through their active and publication in reputed reviewed international /national journals.

Faculty members of chemistry,botany and Marathi are the research guides of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University ,Aurangabad

Our Campus wears a Professional look with all infra structural facilities

The college takes keen efforts on capacity building in terms of research and imbibing research culture among the staff and students through arranging conferences, seminars, workshops and caters for the excellence in research.

Research center:

It has research center affiliated to Dr Babasaheb Ambedekar Marathwada University Aurangabad. PhD Programme in Botany, Chemistry, Library Science and Marathi is offered to the students

Research recommendation committee:

The research committee of the college monitors and addresses the issues of research.

Present Status:

Faculties of the existing staff have completed their PhD programmes using the resources made available by the college. 14 out of the total 24 regular faculties, of the college hold PhD Degree.

Facility Provided

Departmental libraries, ICT facilities have been provided to the researchers. The grants sanctioned by the UGC under various schemes are also utilized for the research facilities.

Research Activity

The 05 faculties are pursuing their PhD research. 07 faculty members are recognized research guides of and Dr Babasaheb Ambedekar Marathwada University Aurangabad.

Research Projects:

About four major projects funded by DST fast track  and UGC twenty five  faculties are engaged and completed Minor Research projects funded by the UGC, WRO, Pune and Dr Babasaheb Ambedekar Marathwada University Aurangabad.

The college offers autonomy to the Principal investigator regarding the optimum utilization of the grants sanctioned as per the guidelines of the funding agencies.

Research guidance:

The college at present has 07 Research Guides and 18 Research Students associated with its Research Center in Botany, Chemistry, Library science and Marathi for the PhD programme.