Department of M.C.V.C.
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Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Mr. Ramdas Gaikwad M.Com. instructor Profile
2. Mr. makarand gore M.Sc. Assisstant Teacher Profile
3. Mr. devidas pawar M.Com. Instructor Profile
4. Mr. raja salave M.Sc. Instructor Profile
5. Mrs. Jyoti Padalkar M.Com. Assisstant Teacher Profile
6. Mr. r.r. jadhav M.Com.,M.C.M. Assisstant Teacher Profile
1. M.C.V.C._Comp.Sci.
1. Experienced Staff Encouraging Student to build his Great Career
1. A Well Facilitated  Lab with Modern Scientific Appratus Providing Students with Scientific Approach